Problem Solver

Firdosh Roowalla

Areas Firdosh Roowalla is Knowledgeable in:

stem cells, waste management, any new invention which challenges conventional process or product

Techniques Firdosh Roowalla Uses:

simplify it into parts, some things which i can do, and some thigs which other may be able to do better than me, analyse what will be the worst case if something goes wrong and what would happen than, and how much money would be wasted.

Firdosh Roowalla's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. stem cells and stem cell banking from various sources in the body

Firdosh Roowalla's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. now i do more research in marketing methods in stem cells and how to bring it to the common masses in india in effective and economical ways and yet have good business, in 5 yrs i have been successfully to a extent.
  2. during my first job in a engineering company i specialized in jigs and fixtures for machining complicated shape components like crank shafts, cam shafts .
  3. i have a habit since childhood to repair all broken and damaged equipments , gadgets, furniture etc... in my house. here i learnt use of tools, how to make tools on my own, and also on the way invented methods on my own to repair broken machines and appliances. as a child i specialized in plumbing and carpentry