Problem Solver

Florin Cristian Cojocaru

Florin Cristian Cojocaru

Areas Florin Cristian Cojocaru is Knowledgeable in:

- production, architecture, construction, automotive, 3d design, graphic design, concrete products, home design.
- very good skills in Google SketchUp 3D Design.

Florin Cristian Cojocaru's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Webdesign, Graphics and Images Processing
  2. Project Management in Residential Building Construction
  3. Manufacture of concrete tubes for sewerage systems
  4. Automotive and Auto Component&Tools
  5. Production Management in Electrical Panels
  6. Architectural&3D Design in AutoCAD and Google SketchUp

Florin Cristian Cojocaru's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. As a Project Manager for a residential building construction (a boarding house with four levels - ground floor pre-existing and three level in project) I meet a very serious problem. I cannot manufacture the armed concrete floor between first level and second level because the ceiling of the ground floor were too thin and can't sustain the weight of the concrete floor - we can't mount the props who sustain the wooden shuttering. Finally, we used the metallic structure ( made with IPE360 and IPE220) like a support for all the wooden beam and wooden panels, in this way entire shuttering became an selfcarrying structure. We don't use even a single prop. I have to mentioned the surface of floor had 600sqm.