Problem Solver

Fouzia Siddiqua

Fouzia Siddiqua

Areas Fouzia Siddiqua is Knowledgeable in:

I have a lots of interest in Physics, Environment, Education, Science, Leadership. As I have some experiences in these sectors, i would love to work on these.

Techniques Fouzia Siddiqua Uses:

At first before solving any problem or doing any work , I plan some steps to solve the problem or to do the work. Then if it seems that i can't do this alone, then i make a team with my friends or very trusted persons. Then we divide into groups to do the different works. If we fail to finish any of our steps of our plan, we never give up. because we believe that to fail to finish one step doesn't mean that the whole plan is spoiled. We try to find alternative way and most of the time we find this. Thus we employ our techniques.

Sometimes i have to face many other problems. I have to convince people and that's the toughest work to do. Normally, if i am the leader of my team, i try not to act like a leader. I always listen to my team mates and take a decision most of the time. I also share my ideas with them.

Sometimes i have to think about the financial problems and the ways to overcome. Most of the time i try to keep my team mates in a relaxed mood until i fall in a serious condition.

I think unity is the strength and if we work together then definitely success will come to our hand. We have to think that "YES, WE CAN."

Fouzia Siddiqua's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Painting
  2. Leadership

Fouzia Siddiqua's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am a co-ordinator of the competiton - National Earth Olympiad, Bangladesh. we arrange this program every year in the divisions and select students for the national competition on environment.
  2. Currently I am working on a Education based project named "ALOR MOSHAL- FLAME OF LIGHT". It is a project by which we are trying to make the conditions of the students of Bangladesh better in their studies. This is an International school for young people of Bangladesh from Grade 6 to Grade 12. We plan to serve a fraction of the several million students and make them at par with students of Developed countries.
  3. I implemented a project named "POND SAND FILTER " to reduce the water problem of the AILA affected people in the rural area of Bangladesh who were badly affected by the cyclone AILA that occurred in 2009. Now more than 5500 people of two villages can drink pure drinking water. This project was selected and funded by the U.S embassy and the organization Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI) and i got an award of $650 to implement the project.