Problem Solver

Francis Njoroge

Any one can give a solution but there is always that X factor that's needed in you, i believe that with hard work and determination i can achieve if given a chance. I always strive to bring out the best of results in any problem to solve.

Areas Francis Njoroge is Knowledgeable in:

Agriculture: Crops and livestock

Environmental challenges faced today

Techniques Francis Njoroge Uses:

- First is to search for possible causes in a problem just like an investigation.
- Use the Internet to acquire for information not forgetting personal investigation from general public or experts finally employ my self acquired skills in education and personal experience.

Francis Njoroge's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Am a fast learner and a good team player who can find possible suggestions to solutions

Francis Njoroge's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I developed good skills in solving problems through my previous assignments using acquired knowledge and also personal knowledge and investigation.
    - Developed a technical in looking for possible solutions to any problem.