Problem Solver

Frank Underdown

Areas Frank Underdown is Knowledgeable in:

rf/microwave communications
AI and robotics

Techniques Frank Underdown Uses:

I am a lateral thinker and apply my training and skills as a physicist, mathematician and engineer to look at problems from 3 different perspectives.

Using physics, I solve most technical problems form first principles, visualizing the problem and solution and then filling in the gaps with physical laws and mathematics.

Frank Underdown's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Mathematical modeling and simulation of physical systems using Matlab; Scilab; Maple; Sagemath and scripting languages
  2. Computional electrodynamics
  3. Design of optical and rf/microwave circuits, systems, antennas
  4. Design of control systems
  5. Design of nanofabrication systems
  6. Professor of physics; mathematics and nanotechnology
  7. Programing in Phython, C++ and getting up to speed on Java
  8. AI and Robotics

Frank Underdown's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Mathematical modeling of unique alternative energy system. See cv
  2. Verify the coding and mathematics of recent quantum communication system. See cv
  3. Design of low noise up/down converter and amplifier for satellite communication. See cv
  4. Design of nanofabrication system. See cv
  5. Design of nuclear instrumentation to measure energy of nuclear giant resonance experiment. See cv