Problem Solver

Franshwa Davies

I am passionate in solving problems using my 20 years experience in mechanical design and mathematical knowledge. Part of solving any problem is the opportunity that exists to learn new fields of expertise and/or knowledge to improve ones ability to see what no one else has thinked of in improving a specific field of interest.

Areas Franshwa Davies is Knowledgeable in:

Mechanical Engineering and design/ Problem solving
Software development
Pipe network solving and optimisation

Techniques Franshwa Davies Uses:

Start with engineering fundamentals
Thorough researching each part of problem in full using internet or textbook recommendations.
Mathematical model development with/without software developement
RCA/RCM methods depending on the problem

Franshwa Davies's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Computer software developement

Franshwa Davies's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 1) Designed and implemented an Adjustable Air Brake system that caters for a wide range of braking capacities reducing number of required spares.
    2) Over a hundred new mechanical designs for process optimisation and increased equipment reliability and plant availability currently used by different production plants.
    3) Developed a fast converging algorithm for the simultaneous layout and optimisation of pipe networks with the aim of minimum initial and operating cost. Algorithm outperforms current published algorithms (on internet) in terms of speed of convergence and in some case studies gives the lowest initial cost ever published.
    4) Developed various general/engineering software:

    3D Structural Network solver ‘SNA’ :
    3D Pipe network solver ‘SysFlow’ :
    RCM Data Management Software ‘RCM’ :
    Developement of various other software with the aim to work smart and not hard. ;