Problem Solver

Freda Kate Samuel

Freda Kate Samuel

Areas Freda Kate Samuel is Knowledgeable in:

Statistical Analysis and Data Interpretation

Techniques Freda Kate Samuel Uses:

classification tree, survival analysis, independent t test, chi square, regression, ANOVA, correlation, non-parametric tests

Freda Kate Samuel's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. movie ratings
  3. zoology, botany
  4. agronomy, horticulture
  5. product feasibility study
  6. algebra, trigonometry, basic calculus, geometry
  7. Equipment ealuation

Freda Kate Samuel's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -helped in determining student success using survival analysis
    -had a project on student achievement using classification tree
    -evaluation of interaction effects of pineapple, ipil-ipil seeds on the growth and development of broilers
    -evaluation of consumer rating on deer meat preserved using smoke