Problem Solver

Gabriel Jimenez

Areas Gabriel Jimenez is Knowledgeable in:

I am knowledgeable and interested in anything mechanical, electrical, or CAD

Techniques Gabriel Jimenez Uses:

I always start with a problem with the "base" or starting point. If a machine, then start with what starts the machine, power. Then work your way around checking to see what is wrong. I always think of the beggining or starting point when starting to solve a problem.

Gabriel Jimenez's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Welder
  2. troubleshoot small sized engines
  3. Repairing cars
  4. CAD Design
  5. Sand casting
  6. Woodworking
  7. very knowledgeable with computers
  8. Can fix things

Gabriel Jimenez's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have recreated the buster sword from Final Fantasy 7 on autocad and 3d printed it.
  2. I have made a table wire saw for cutting styrofoam boards. I would cut the boards to specific sizes and shapes to sand cast them.
  3. I created a reciprocating double cylinder machine with a ladder diagram that I designed.