Problem Solver

Galan Wall

Areas Galan Wall is Knowledgeable in:

Programming, Hardware development, Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Microcontrollers.

Techniques Galan Wall Uses:

Trial and error is one method I use, another is creating small test samples the happen under very closely observed conditions and the figuring out how to removing restrictions on the process to make it more feasible for implementation.

Galan Wall's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Contract Manufacturing
  2. Product Manufacturing
  3. PLC programming
  4. Industrial Automation

Galan Wall's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have taken an old decommissioned cup filler from the 80's used for filling plastic cups with various products and upgraded it with a touchscreen and PLC and made it comparable to a brand new 2016 cup filler.
  2. I upgraded a King channel counter with a custom circuit that I designed and then coupled it with a raspberry pi 3 and pi touchscreen. I then programmed the entire interface and created a fast and reliable communication protocol that works regardless of baud rates on either end for the pi to talk to the microcontroller on my custom circuit.
  3. I created an autonomous rover platform that is capable of navigating tough areas and has the ability to track and record its location along with being able to record locations of obstacles and the level of difficulty the obstacle presents.