Problem Solver

Ganesh Yadhav

Areas Ganesh Yadhav is Knowledgeable in:

Chemical Engineering

Techniques Ganesh Yadhav Uses:

Analysing the problem
Find the methods to solve the problem
Finding the solutions by all approaches to the problem
Highlighting the best solution by comparing the others with it
Using tools like Hysys, EDR, CFD and CFX to find solutions for bigger industrial problems.

Ganesh Yadhav's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Mathematics- High School and Engineering Mathematics
  2. Chemistry - High School chemistry and problems
  3. Chemical Engineering- Problem Solving, Design (Basic and Detailed), Aspen Hysys, Aspen Plus, EDR, Unisim, CFD, CFX
  4. Thermodynamics- Dynamic Simulation

Ganesh Yadhav's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Once I got a good industrial problem. I was provided the volume of liquid in a tank and also the diameter and the tank has a orifice of a small diameter. I was asked to find the time required to drain the liquid( water) in the tank by using a method in transport phenomena. The shape of the tank was not given. So using the volume of the liquid given and the volume corresponding to the diameter,I found that to be a cylindrical tank. Then I used Torricelli's law of draining a liquid and also used the transport phenomena method to solve the efflux time of the tank and I got two values and the receptor of this problem was very much impressed and amazed for providing two different solutions for a single problem.