Problem Solver

George Lupascu-P

George Lupascu-P

Areas George Lupascu-P is Knowledgeable in:

Group behavior, Organizational Transformations, Cultural Differences, Group Mentality, Automation Engineering, HR policies, Societal changes

Techniques George Lupascu-P Uses:

Lateral Thinking,
Taking a different Cultural point of view,
UPS - Universal Problem Solving

George Lupascu-P's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. InterCultural Management, Organizational Diagnosis, System Theory, Group Behavior

George Lupascu-P's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I've diagnosed an automotive company that had a very tough atmosphere to understand the reasons for that and to take their best decisions to enable their people to work more efficiently together.
  2. I've helped a team of programmers understand how to work with their counterparts from another country and understand their different styles of communication. (I did this for various teams across the world)
  3. I've diagnosed why an automotive company was struggling to attract their senior managers in being more innovative, and I helped them put in place that system to enable the creative energies.
  4. I identified the behavior of a GM that was putting off his people, demotivating them.
  5. I've diagnosed why a law firm was having a high turnover of lawyers and I helped them put in place the system to stabilize the attrition.