Problem Solver

Gerald Wyatt

Areas Gerald Wyatt is Knowledgeable in:

The sciences, survival basics, human nature, necessities to accomplish, looking at fuller implications, history,

Techniques Gerald Wyatt Uses:

Keep the customer happy first, employees happy second and the Boss will be happy. Not something the bosses always like to hear but they can send me to the house if they don't agree with my methods.

Always leave things simple or never complicate a simple thing. What makes things work best, is simple and stable.

Cross over knowledge, always brings fresh perspectives to any subject so its always wise to seek out and employ cross over knowledge.

Gerald Wyatt's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. As an autodidact with 4 decades of practical experience in a number of fields, my knowledge is general and not specific.

Gerald Wyatt's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Decades of study in a number of fields of interest, many occupations and a desire to understand the universe as a whole, have given me perspectives in many fields.

    My knowledge is general and admittedly, not gained through normal academic avenues. I look into all the boxes, without crawling into them.

    I look at the most simple or fundamental purpose of a subject, for what makes it stable. Simple is in fact, always more stable. Anytime I see a complex thing or notion, I flip it over and over to gain as many vantage points as possible to find the simple or fundamental nature that brings stability to it. If I can find no stability in a complex thing or notion, I seek the fundamental uses of them to see if anything of value can be utilized. I have developed a few things over the decades that come in handy and have come to conclusions that are outside mainstream thinking.