Problem Solver

Gideon Ouma Wandede

Gideon Ouma Wandede

Areas Gideon Ouma Wandede is Knowledgeable in:

I know alot of research is going on carried out by dedicated teams. I would enjoy doing reports, writing concept papers and solving problems at the very basic level. It's by belief that this is a critical part that I aspire to do to the satisfaction on all matters relating to Social Sciences, Geography, Environmental conservation and Management and Agriculture.

Techniques Gideon Ouma Wandede Uses:

Using concerted and all-inclusive approach where every member of the society is trained to articulate environmental protection.
Towards increasing food production and security, it has been through adoption of better inputs while at the same time using technological advancement eg irrigational facilities, certified seeds, fertilizers and better farming techiniques.

Gideon Ouma Wandede's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Report writing

Gideon Ouma Wandede's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I successfully carried out tree planting along a local stream called rakewa which was inhabited by the beautiful pelican birds. Due to pouplation surge along the stream and the resultant encroachment, the birds had started dissappearing from the rakewa site, and this environmental protection as an aspect of ecological revitalization greatly changes the area for increased inhabitation by the pelican birds.

    I have also been instrumental in increasing food productivity and animal breeding for enhanced food security and resilience at the local level.