Problem Solver

Greg Dickens

Areas Greg Dickens is Knowledgeable in:

Biology and its applications.
Also optics.

Techniques Greg Dickens Uses:

Brainstorming, pair working, Big ol' all-day diverge/converge sessions.

Greg Dickens's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Bone-depth ergonomics
  2. Integrating engineering and biology
  3. Fast ideation
  4. Surgery
  5. Business strategy
  6. Biomimicry - (This is pretty much my job)

Greg Dickens's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I engineered a protein to bind to a specific ligand in order to bind to tumour cells in the treatment of cancer. I tested this in mice and proved its efficacy.
  2. I invented a system for applying sunscreen mist without any risk of inhalation or missed-spots.
  3. I worked out the exact feature spacing on a haptic touch screen to give maximal texture response to the human finger under different temperature conditions.
  4. I developed a shoe sole for a major brand to deliberately flex where the bones would be able to use the returned energy.