Problem Solver

Greg Sunvold

Areas Greg Sunvold is Knowledgeable in:

Nutrition, Sensory, Intellectual Property protection, Formulation

Techniques Greg Sunvold Uses:

Focus on understanding what the problem really is before attempting to solve it.
Passion for solving problems by "intersecting at the seems" different disciplines.

Greg Sunvold's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Life's work has revolved around advancement of human and animal health through nutrition
  2. Intellectual Property management on global scale for pet food category
  3. Nutrition training, research experience with nutraceuticals, formulation experience
  4. Training and research experience in molecular genetics
  5. Training and research experience with whole animal physiology
  6. Farm background; Currently farm and raise ruminants
  7. Trained in fiber fermentation; Research experience in gut health
  8. Over 300 patent applications globally
  9. Over 20 years of research experience
  10. Worked with pet food industry for over 20 years

Greg Sunvold's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed novel means to understand feeding behaviors.
  2. Applied formulation expertise to multiple food processing technologies.
  3. Developed validation systems for R&D environment.
  4. Applied formulation expertise to multiple food and treat product forms.
  5. Developed clinical science justification for the addition of several nutritional actives to food applications.
  6. Applied sensory science to improve acceptance of various product forms.