Problem Solver

Harsh Vardhan Shalihotri

Harsh Vardhan Shalihotri

Areas Harsh Vardhan Shalihotri is Knowledgeable in:

FinTech, Health, Biotech, Life sciences, Chemical, Biochemical, Biofuels, AI, Machine learning, Deep learning

Techniques Harsh Vardhan Shalihotri Uses:

Understanding the problem and doing research

Harsh Vardhan Shalihotri's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Financial Modelling
  2. Data analytics
  3. Excel
  4. Deep Learning
  5. Machine Learning
  6. Climate and environmental policies
  7. Fintech

Harsh Vardhan Shalihotri's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am working on my master dissertation on the preparation of hythane biofuel from microalgae and improving methane combustibility and efficiency.
  2. • Tracked down daily price movements using NSE pre-open market data and invested in around five stocks following intraday
    market strategy.
    • Carried out research on real-time market data concentrating on solid performers in the sector.
    • Maintained a diversified portfolio with investment in 8+ sectors based on market news and carried out investment based on
    company fundamentals and technical viewpoints on a 60:40 basis.
    • Performed fundamental research on the large and mid-cap companies in the banking and technology sector as a part of our equity research project
    • Led a team of 5 members and designed a personalized music recommender system based on popularity and collaborative filtering approach. Implemented SVD and matrix factorization strategy and evaluated model performance. Further improved the model-based
    on content-based filtering, approach using TF-IDF and song lyrics similarity between two relevant songs.