Problem Solver

Hasan Sarman

Hasan Sarman

Areas Hasan Sarman is Knowledgeable in:

Satellite,Tv,Programming Languages

Techniques Hasan Sarman Uses:

-Divide and Conquer
-Trial and error

Hasan Sarman's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed 3 different Bonding devices which is produced and used in asia/europe/Us.
  2. I developed a IPTV system which needs less resource and gives you more control.
  3. I developed a satellite signal receiver for tv stations to monitor their traffic and health status.
  4. I developed DNA sequencing platform . Converted all R libraries to javascript to make it use less resource on server side.
  5. I built up a strategy and then developed a e-commerce system with a very complicated backend to make resource usage minimum.
  6. I developed a Transmission system to decrease TCP overhead and let tcp packets flow more like udp packets. which is used by bonding devices and tv stations.
  7. I developed a head-mouse algorithm to let users use their head-mouse more comfortably.
  8. I developed a Home Automation System which is cheaper and has more functinality than the market leader.
  9. I developed a 4k hevc encoder.(FIRST in the market which is under 14W)