Problem Solver

Hatem Taha

Areas Hatem Taha is Knowledgeable in:

Chemistry, Biology, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Accounting, Leadership.

Hatem Taha's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Problem: Malfunctioning accounts receivable system

    Problem Description: A company is experiencing problems with its accounts receivable management. They have high outstanding premiums, and its cash flow is suffering as a result. Customers don’t pay their bills on time, and there is no clear process for handling collections.

    Solution: Use accounting management

    Implement an accounting policy that tracks invoices, due dates, and payment history.
    Provide a dedicated account client team or staff responsible for managing collections.
    Provide customers with clear credit terms and conditions, and communicate this information effectively.
    Send timely reminders and information to customers with outstanding invoices.
    Regularly monitor accounts receivable progress reports to identify and address potential issues.
    Outcome: By implementing an accounts receivable management system and dedicated team, the company can improve its receivables.