Problem Solver

Heather Rodrigues

Techniques Heather Rodrigues Uses:

I mainly find solutions to many problems by taking quiet time, I also mull things over in my mind whilst doing other jobs, many of my ideas come in the early morning as I have just woken, I find it easy to problem solve over an issue by working it through in my mind - if the issue is more technical then I do research in order to make it clearer for me.

Heather Rodrigues's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. A good communicator

Heather Rodrigues's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed to outline stage a new 'torch' which I am presently patenting so that I can approach companies for further development and manufacture. The idea was accepted by ‘Davison in the US and Innovate Product Design in the UK – however the costs for these Companies to take my idea forward were unfortunately outside my budget. This idea can also be used in another product for use in the military at a later stage.