Problem Solver

Hemanth Kota

Hemanth Kota

Areas Hemanth Kota is Knowledgeable in:

Machine Design,space physics,robotics,nuclear physics,Industrial

Techniques Hemanth Kota Uses:

commonsense, general physics, ancient and present technology

Hemanth Kota's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a renewable energy process using tidal energy to convert tides much efficient to mechanical power
  2. Developed borewell life saver which a one need in emergency when kid fallen in borewell and it reaches deep holes,hold and lifts a body.It is done with a very low
  3. I developed an anti-gravity ( astronauts) pen with an low cost such that it is available for all
  4. Developed gravity based lift system,which was proceeding for further research on energy production