Problem Solver

Huda Al-Husaini

Huda Al-Husaini

Areas Huda Al-Husaini is Knowledgeable in:

Idea design and creation
Change and development
Training industry
Event management industry
Youth empowerment

Techniques Huda Al-Husaini Uses:

My own recipe of "Idea Design" concept

Business Modeling

Process and concept analysis

Connecting different tools, ideas, fields in one creative solution

The ability to deliver full solutions alone without the need to work with a team

High research skills

Wide connections network in different areas

Huda Al-Husaini's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Lean Management
  2. Process Improvment
  3. Idea Design
  4. Comprehensive Analysis
  5. Business Modeling

Huda Al-Husaini's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed and implemented new exhibiting concept for our company in international events, which improved our company identity brand noticeably
  2. I developed with my team a technical solution that solved all the problems our international conferences faces in the field of website building and design.
    Our technical partner who developed the solution took credit from Microsoft for the technology. and our company won a strategic web award for the portal mentioned
  3. I developed a technical and business solution to solve unemployment issue in our country. I won with my team the 2nd place in Intel Enterprise program.
  4. I built up a costing model for training courses in our training center. The solution helped in reconstructing all courses fees in more feasible and profitable way
  5. I developed technical and business solution for business cards management in events and conferences. I won 2nd place in Creative Engineers Competition for Entrepreneurial ideas
  6. I developed technical and business solution to empower employees through reading. I won 1st place in Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Competition
  7. I built up accreditation process for our new trainers in our training center. This process solved all problems related to trainers choosing methodology in our center.