Dr. Hyder A. Khoja

Dr. Hyder A. Khoja
• Ph.D., Institute National Polytechnique (Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Toulouse), France

Concentration in Cellular & Molecular Biology

• M.Sc., (Honors)
Sind Agriculture University, TandoJam, Pakistan

Concentration in Biotech and Crop Sciences

• B.Sc., (Honors)
Sind Agriculture University, TandoJam, Pakistan

Advance Biology, Genetics, Cytogenetics and Plant Sciences


Post-doctoral Research Associate: 2004-2006
Michigan State University East Lansing, MI (USA)
• Primary research function was to investigate how cytoplasmicaly synthesized proteins are targeted to various compartments within eukaryotic cells biology
• Studied the Role of “Molecular Cheprons” Hsp93 during Protein Tanslocation into Chloroplasts

Post-Graduate Training course Nov 05-16, 1995
Nuclear Institute for Agriculture and Biology (NIAB). Faisalabad, Pakistan
• Course on nuclear and other advanced techniques in Agricultural and Biological research.
Major Accomplishments: Theoretical and Practical Application of gas and liquid chromatography, safe use of radioisotopes for agriculture and biological research.

Advance Biotech Training Oct 24-26, 1995
National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (NIBGE), Faisalabad, Pakistan
• Training course on application of Polymerase Chain Reaction in industry, medicine, agribusiness and forensic sciences
Major Accomplishments: Amplification of target sequences by Polymerase Chain Reaction. The techniques involved the isolation of DNA/RNA from various sources like plant tissue and human hair, preparation of samples for amplification by regular-PCR as well as Nested-PCR

Farmer’s Training Workshop Feb 06-20, 1994
Organized by Asian Development Bank
• Training course on Forest tree and their maintenance
Major Accomplishments: Practical know-how of forest trees and cultivation