Problem Solver

Ionut Ciobanu

Ionut Ciobanu

Areas Ionut Ciobanu is Knowledgeable in:

Data processing, distributed computing, data analytics, SQL, self-serve analytics, development tools, visual programming, no code tools, version control, mucrofluidics

Techniques Ionut Ciobanu Uses:

Naïve approach followed by exhaustive research, with a mix of ideas from a wide range of fields such as finance, engineering, biology, linguistics, human sciences, design, literature etc.

Trained by designing and building various inventions in a wide range of fields since I was a kid.

Ionut Ciobanu's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Sql design programming visualization analysis data distributed

Ionut Ciobanu's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I built a no code SQL generating tool for non technical users
  2. I built a physical earthquake simulator
  3. I built a 2D physics engine and a game on top of it
  4. I built a mucrofluidics platform for cell assays
  5. I developed a cognitive behavioral solution to help people quit smoking
  6. I worked as a Software Engineering Intern at Microsoft Google and Facebook
  7. I built a project tracking system at Google
  8. I built an automated quarterly report generator
  9. I created a distributed computing publicly available cluster