Problem Solver

Ira Campbell Sr

Ira Campbell Sr

Areas Ira Campbell Sr is Knowledgeable in:

Energy, sustainable technology, green structures, defense(sustainability), green vehicles(ev), and construction techniques.

Techniques Ira Campbell Sr Uses:

Apply the use non-conventional technology to solve everyday challenges.

Ira Campbell Sr's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am also an inventor/designer that have been working on technology in the renewable energy field. I have some ideas that are improvements on existing technology that will provide the world with more than enough power for generations to come. This technology can be integrated in the existing infrastructure with minimal downtime. Power sources will come from the least likely sources. Power companies will take on more of a regulatory/monitoring agency rather than a power supplier.
  2. Additionally, I have invented a structure(The Renard House) that will sustain Cat 4 hurricane conditions, flooding to approximately 7'-0" above finish grade, and earthquakes at approximately 6.0 on the richter scale; all made from recycled materials(about 75% recycled materials). Talk about having a green house??? Imagine a structure that will not only withstand the powerful forces of nature and generate enough power its internal use, but it will also generate enough electricity to power your neighbor's home. Or how about in torrential weather conditions, your home is the only home that has continuous un-interupted power. Currently I am in the patent application phase and will be moving to the prototyping/advance concept technology demonstration phase late 2013. When all my ideas have been tested, I should file at least 85 patents in this field.