Problem Solver

Irfan Raza

Irfan Raza

Areas Irfan Raza is Knowledgeable in:

Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Mobile OS

Techniques Irfan Raza Uses:

I believe technology can be employ everywhere. I use my ability to translate real world challenges into technical problem and then come up with solution driven by technology. My expertise in web, mobile, big data, cloud platform helps me to everything I want with the help of technology.

Irfan Raza's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Web based Bot Developer
  2. Machine learner
  3. Web Developer
  4. Mobile Developer
  5. Android
  6. Data Science

Irfan Raza's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I worked on a research paper which shows how we can improve the security of an Android application and can make it difficult against reverse engineering. It was a team of 2 person, leaded by me. I was responsible for to identify different approach to break the security and come up with better solution.
  2. I imagined and designed the working model of Non Stop train. A train which provides a smart mechanism to get the user onboard and offboard without stopping on station. My role was to drive the team of 4 people as a team leader. I was responsible for designing the prototype and fulfilling the programming needs.