Problem Solver

Jacob Sessions

Jacob Sessions

Areas Jacob Sessions is Knowledgeable in:

Personal Care, OTCs, Cosmetics, Consumer Goods, Surface Disinfectants, Topical Antibacterials, Formulation, Regulatory

Jacob Sessions's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Product Development
  2. Formulation
  3. Consumer Goods
  4. OTC
  5. Personal Care
  6. cosmetics
  7. Surfactants

Jacob Sessions's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Patient incontinence pads need to be changed when wet, to improve compliance and speed these changes created solution of absorbent pad with indicator for nurses that pad has been soiled.

    In showers typical cleansers strip skin lipids leaving skin feeling dry, created shower cream with 20% oil load that foamed, cleansed, and replenished lipids leaving skin feeling moisturized - combination product that both cleansed and moisturized.

    For surgical and skin disinfection topical Povidone Iodine is commonly used, however these solutions may not be sterile therefore there was a need to sterilize these solutions that were in foil packaging with swab applicators. Typical sterilization with gamma irradiation or heat sterilization often degrades the polymer and reduces the active concentration significantly. Developed reformulation solution to stabilize the solution during gamma irradiation sterilization.