Problem Solver

Jadranka Ahlgren

Jadranka Ahlgren

Areas Jadranka Ahlgren is Knowledgeable in:

Architecture, wooden buildings, ornamental patterns in colour in architecture

Techniques Jadranka Ahlgren Uses:

Specialist in colour in architecture. Pass one university course about that in KTH Stockholm, 1996, with theme: Colours as healing elements in hospital.
Had exhibit, few times in last 30 years as I am studding this, own project with coloured abstract ornaments muster applied at interiors or exteriors / walls, floors, ceilings or like sculptures in space/

Jadranka Ahlgren's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. made modern ornament , in color, can be applyed in architecture
  2. history of modern architecture
  3. color in architecture

Jadranka Ahlgren's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I had study colour and forms in modern art and architecture, from 1900 till today.
    Can write essay about that. Can write art critic about any author - arch and artist, from 1900 till today in case of that.
  2. I now how to made ventilated façade for hay building. Graduated at KTH Stokholm, 1999 with this theme for wooden façades. Was chef of buildings site for house of
    30 000 m2, with ventilated, tin stone plate façade/ in Belgrade 2007, firm: CD Unoinvest, Residental Housing and Market Center Balkanska 2, Belgrade/
  3. I know how to design architecture in wood today. Can give You advice how You will successful made Your wooden design, and which mistake You had made so wood will decay. I was study few course about modern wood building at university KTH, Architecture school, Stokholm, 1996-99, and after that had made few my design in wood, and continuously had followed innovation in this bransch and studing historz of modern architecture built in wood.
  4. I made sculptures in coloured concrete, with special recipe for concrete and technology how to make it in concrete-plant. Can use for elementary school kinder-garden, parks and as urban design in towns