Problem Solver

Jaime Munson

Jaime Munson

Areas Jaime Munson is Knowledgeable in:

Cyber Terrorism, the Music Industry, Silicon Valley, Wallstreet, Hollywood, Modular Arts, all things 3D like VR AR MR 360, Futures, supernatural events, world religion, wearables, horror film making and special fx makeup, modern parenting, targeted individual victim recovery , open source invention and hackology, Dance Culture, Pop Culture, Artist Development and process writing for major solution, chaos & confusion algorithm reading, future environmental design and prefab architecture, modern space design and djing society fix’s.

Techniques Jaime Munson Uses:

Modular Design, modern Psychology, Musicology , Biochemistry, Nuclear Physics, numerology and human relativity, based on current facts and discovery of the unknown to always be of practice.

Jaime Munson's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. DJ culture expert
  2. Arduino Culture Maker
  3. 3D printing & modeling of wearable technology
  4. Society Writing for poverty Prevention
  5. Modular Arts
  6. Covid Recovery
  7. Single Parenting
  8. Cyber Terrorism Victim Solutions Counseling
  9. Adult Sexual Health Therapy
  10. Music instrument invention
  11. International Peace Maker for extreme situations
  12. Iot Stock trading
  13. Song Writing Science
  14. Music Science
  15. Modern App Culture Design
  16. Paranormal Activity Shaman
  17. Gang Solutions Expert
  18. Dynamic Invention for government urgency situations
  19. Electronic Dance Music Expert

Jaime Munson's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I was part of Google ATP division for the MotorolaX design and research campaign that defines modular technology, singularity, open source gadgeteering, and future design concept of network solutions that I also contributed to Google glass and had a big influence in what the world will see with two eyes instead of one lol but yup, my main baby is the future of mobile phones in pocket modular hardware that begin with zero emissions in the cell phone industry as our phones will be our cars in the near EV 2030.
  2. ECOENVIRO: not a cousin of Lauren Ipsum, but my contributions of many original strategies that begin with EDU in AR/VR 360 on the IOT to rid DIY that team begin with i not nine ones like 9/11 boo A.I. Here’s mine O.T. (Official Telegence) to sum up some of my solutions I contribute for the Human-race being just one , makes us almost extinct so I know your going to keep me busy, glad to see this is an actual company, here’s to new beginnings:) cheers!
  3. National Defense:I discovered the system of terrorism being wireless but the root existence and motives of poorly raised youth being deception and invasion of neural process of communication to cause murder by mechanics of ignorance that make mental sickness contain patterns that are algorithms which with the terrorism experts of our nations different alliances of defense brought an end to the high school massacres and saved the 300,000 teachers who were suddenly laid off in the LAUSD to then begin a fully funded authority educator system funded by the CIA & FBI.
  4. Edu: I work on the life changing solutions with MIT, had the honor in being their Creative Director for the launch of the STEAM STUDIOs High School build and design that supports the EV 2030 bill already passed (that I also contributed to) based on EV charge stations and the implementation of a system to be either owned or controlled by the public high schools of each district for modern curriculum and science team research with the new Biden INFRASTRUCTURE initiatives as far as education upgrades and strategies used.
  5. International Humanity: I was a key influencer in bringing a sudden end (although was prophesied in many different writings) to the last actual bloodiest war on earth as in due prophesis that adds to the slew of events that took place in Egypt while I was there was the mega Sandstorm that hit the day of the seize fire after 15 years of war, survived being buried alive with my camel from the sudden storm(I was at the pyramids heading to explore the valley of the kings) but the main importance is that I had made a point to collaborate musically with the orients top musicians being the Muslim culture takes music as science , only the best showed up to my request that each session during the week naturally did what music does in harmonizing minds alike to understand what isn’t right to the balance of humanity being restored to prove how music is medicine in psychology and neuroscience factors and language barrier isms to be myths and never an excuse of violence or disease.