Problem Solver

James Farr

Areas James Farr is Knowledgeable in:

Chemistry, product formulation, problem solving of technical issues, technology scouting and competitive intelligence.

Techniques James Farr Uses:

Some examples of techniques include: connective thinking, traditional brainstorming, product & technology immersions, patent and trademark searches, competitive assessments and trend analysis.

James Farr's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Mergers and Acquisitions - worked on a small team to identify and complete acquistions worth 2+ billion. Understand the complet
  2. Predictive Forecasting of technologies, products, trends - 15+ years in CPG company assessing information (patents, trademarks,
  3. Product Development - 20+ years in a CPG company working in all facets of product develpoment. Understand the product developme
  4. Competitive Intelligence - 10+ years conducting competitive assessments of competitors and potential competitors - predicted fu
  5. Technology and Product Scouting - 20+ years in CPG company conducting technology searches, product searches and solving problem

James Farr's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - Developed a means to stabilize hydrogen peroxide that allowed it to be extremely shelf stable even under conditions of extreme heat or metal contamination.
  2. - Identified a future competitive product entry (eventually introduced 2+ years later) and its features and benefits, which led to the start of a project to develop a similar type of product and the significant head start allowed the company to enter the market first with a much better design and much less costly product.
  3. Many examples but a few:

    - Solved a chemical problem that allowed a bleach product to be thickened with a fluorescent whitening agent (never done before) which improved performance and consumer benefits at a cost reduction from the previous formulation.
  4. - Discovered a number of green technologies including a product that kills and prevents mold growth using a common, food safe ingredient that has no environmental impact on use.