Problem Solver

James Gibson

James Gibson

Areas James Gibson is Knowledgeable in:

All aspects of small to medium business.

Techniques James Gibson Uses:

I typically start with education. I tend to speak with the key executives in a business to understand the core competencies of the company and then after extracting all the information possible I then go into the discovery phase. This phase primarily focuses on the main objectives of the business and the pain points that must be solved to meet objectives. Once the pain points have Identified I enter planning phase. In planning I am focused on finding solutions to the main pain points. Once the pain points and solutions have been identifies we move to execution. During execution we are implementing new strategies to solve the pain points. Finally we are now in analyze and adaptation phase. This phase consists of closely monitoring the new strategies that have been implemented and focus on the overall effectiveness. As needed we will jump back into planning and sharpen the strategies implemented.

James Gibson's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Business Analytics, Start up business fundamentals, Marketing analysis and plan creation, Focused business solutions, Coaching

James Gibson's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 15 years experience in a variety of start up businesses. Health care, technology, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, start up businesses and established businesses. I have performed the following for at least 5 companies:
    -Full marketing strategy and execution
    -KPI creation and execution
    -Business managment and sales strategies
    -I have started multiple companies and have grossed over 12 million on one of the companies acquisitions.
    -Rearranged business and was able to find buyers for a drug and alcohol treatment program based in Utah.
    -1 company was losing 20% M/M and I was able to grow their revenue 20% in 8 months which put the company at a 10% net M/M.