Problem Solver

James Barnish

James Barnish

Areas James Barnish is Knowledgeable in:

Technology, Retail/Wholesale, Perishable Goods, Insurance, Consumer and Industrial Products, Healthcare

Techniques James Barnish Uses:

Define problems and tackle top 20% of problems - work in sprints based on outcomes
SWOT analysis and PEST analysis
Look for solution owners rather than problem owners and over communicate
Flow Charts, Run Charts and Radar Charts
Problem Solving for Innovations and Inventions
Business Process and Project Planning
Charts and Tables with Financial Modeling
IT Strategy
Managerial & Personal Problem Solving
Onboarding/Acceleration & Social Problem Solving
Outcomes based Thought Leadership
Value Based Pricing and Go to Market Strategy
Algorithmics and Patterning

James Barnish's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO and SMO
  2. Advertising
  3. Management of People and Processes
  4. Passionate about Growth (especially in finance and technology)
  5. Assertive and Innovative
  6. Investment Analysis
  7. Excel (includes Pivot Tables & Macros)
  8. Corporate Strategy
  9. Market Research
  10. Scrum and Kanban
  11. Agile Leadership
  12. International Finance
  13. IT Strategy
  14. Mergers and Acquisitions
  15. Business Process
  16. Marketing Strategy and Communications
  17. Leadership
  18. Strategic Planning and Performance Analysis
  19. Multi Unit Management and Consulting
  20. Operations and Inventory Management
  21. Account and Product Management

James Barnish's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Second in command in an organization with a move to a member-oriented culture (rather than ownership) focusing on outcomes over output. While part of the was the shift in KPIs and overall tinkering with our teams, the largest challenge was getting the sales and delivery teams to think different.
  2. Built agile framework for an organization and led the execution of this framework. This was the first transformation I led, but have been a part of several.
  3. Developed subscription vision, storyboard, GTM plan, roadmap and pricing plan in a technology organization. This is a new solution, but it is gaining significant traction and helping to shift the mind of the ERP consumer.
  4. Developed an app (idea) for use in retail food chain to drastically reduce loss of goods. I was the leader on the team (as District Manager). App was adopted at regional level and then at a corporate level. Successfully brought loss down significantly.