Problem Solver

Jideobi Ofomah

Jideobi Ofomah

Areas Jideobi Ofomah is Knowledgeable in:

Web Designing, Web Development, Java SE(Desktop Application Development), PHP, CSS, HTML, Scala

Techniques Jideobi Ofomah Uses:

RAD, Prototyping

Jideobi Ofomah's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. CSS, HTML5, Jquery
  2. PHP and Mysql
  3. Android
  4. Java
  5. Scala

Jideobi Ofomah's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. i developed a file transfer system that enables peer to peer file transfer in a wlan or lan.
  2. I have also created a Java Web Service for a manufacturing company that enables their customers online retail shops to automatically request for supply when an online order reduces their supply below a given or stated quantity.
  3. I have implemented an Inverter Fault Detector Expert System, that asks a technician questions about a faulty Inverter and then determines the causes of the faults and provide solutions.
  4. i have also implemented a Java based AES(Advance Encryption System) Messaging System that encrypts message before sending and the recipient must decrypt the message by keying in the key to unlock the message.
  5. i also developed a Java based Checker board game
  6. i developed a J2ME-J2SE client and server bluetooth app that enable the J2ME client to control the computer that runs the J2SE server using bluetooth connection
  7. i developed a sales inventory management system that uses barcode scanner to manage inventory and sales in a shop, also generates daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  8. i developed a cinema reservation system that enables users to make reservation through sms.