Problem Solver

Jose Antonio Hassan

Jose Antonio Hassan

Areas Jose Antonio Hassan is Knowledgeable in:

I am a dilitante. I’ve an interest in most things, and I suppose, this is what makes me a good Analyst. I’m curious by nature, and I love to find the Facts or solutions to a challenge.

Techniques Jose Antonio Hassan Uses:

Interviews, workshop facilitation, collaboration, elaborative discussion, documentation, reviews, communication, agreement (acceptance)

Jose Antonio Hassan's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Created algorithms to identify targeted consumers for a large conglamorate’s marketing campaigns, and developed software for handling inventory processing for 2 large corporation; one a conglamorate, the other ia well known weekly publisher.
  2. Automated the import of data between two different infrastructures to facilitate material management and accounting personnel data processing for large publisher
  3. Led team of developer in creating a second surgical opinion system, from development through regional testing of the product for large nonprofit health insurer
  4. Delivered re-engineering solution for a large Federal insurance agency, which affected both functional and technical improvements to processing of information
  5. Facilitated re-engineering solution for a health insurance trust management agency, which affected all functional and technical processing of information
  6. Facilitated several data migration solutions, which resulted in either system transfers, modifications, or consolidations of infrastructure and/or data
  7. Facilitated the export and import of data from over 4000 locations to central repository for large financial institution.