Problem Solver

Jose Cordova

Jose Cordova

Areas Jose Cordova is Knowledgeable in:

Drug discovered.

Techniques Jose Cordova Uses:

Cell and molecular biology techniques. Mutageniccarcinogenic, tumor promoter and teratogens test in vitro and in vivo

Jose Cordova's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Drug discover

Jose Cordova's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am developing a vagine ovule that will protect women from 14 different sexually transmitted diseases and sperm killer, hopefully as anti-conceptive
  2. I am developing VACUCELL a vaccine complement and will be used to rejuvenate the immune system, protect against disease including HIV-SIDA, Cancer, perhaps the best milestone since Vaccine discovered by Pasteur
  3. I new way to immunize salmons through their guills
  4. I developed a electric generator that energize e-car batteries that will provide them full autonomy
  5. I developed a detoxification in vivo method for shellfish contaminated wtih red tide toxins as well with some heavy metals.
  6. I developed the first antidote for Saxitoxin, the 4th more powerful toxin. Kills human in 5 minutes. The model was developed in mouse assay.
  7. I developed a procedure to whittening pacific anchovies. This bleaching will allows human to eat daily without side effects.
  8. I discovered the first molecules that kills in 60 seconds the Streptococcus mutans, bacterium that causes 90% of human cavities. I US patented and willing to sale or make a parthnership. I am interested to apply the same tech I developed to kill the gum disease causing bacteria.