Problem Solver

Jose Luis Alvarado

Jose Luis Alvarado

Areas Jose Luis Alvarado is Knowledgeable in:

more interested in solving problems or contributing to a new invention or I can help speed up a manufacturing facility for more production with less expense
using robotics and optical sensors i also can help companies with
their Packaging equipment ideas
I have to solve several problems for the tortilla industry in the past.

Techniques Jose Luis Alvarado Uses:

I have use the tinkers technique a lot but I also think sometimes the simple way is the best
and on occasions, I use this
Define the Problem
Determine the Causes
Generate Ideas
Select the Best Solution
Take Action

Jose Luis Alvarado's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I poses great design skills, I am great at working in a team or alone too how ever take us to success
  2. I poses electronics skills I will ad that I visit CES convention every year in las vegas NV

Jose Luis Alvarado's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have work with many companies in Nevada, California, and Utah on a special project and help obtain a patent for a Dehydrator conveyor machine for the corn tortilla industry and acquire the experience that qualifies me to help to solve difficult problems