Problem Solver

Jose Parraga

Areas Jose Parraga is Knowledgeable in:

Oil and gas, drilling, petroleum, engineering

Techniques Jose Parraga Uses:

Engineering solution for your problems

Jose Parraga's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - English
    - Spanish
    - Mathematic
    - Chemistry
    - Well Design
    - Drilling Operations
    - Pore Pressure
    - Fracture Pressure
    - Responsible on creating drilling and completion programs for exploration and development wells in Oil & Gas Fields.
    - Responsible on creating Well drilling procedures for Conventional, Unconventional, HPHT, Deep, Shallow Wells.
    - Wellpath design for vertical and directional wells.
    - Well operations, daily drilling monitoring, Well logs, wellpath projections, geopressure adjustment while drilling, drilling waste estimation.
    - Monitor real-time operations on daily basis to optimize drilling practices and recommend actions to follow.
    - Technical support for drillstring, torque and drag, borehole hydraulics, casings, geopressure, anticollision using specialized drilling engineering software.
    - Geomechanic model: UCS estimation, fractures analysis using image logs. Estimation of SH, Sv, Sh.Drilling fluid program