Problem Solver

Jose P. Puga

Jose P. Puga

Areas Jose P. Puga is Knowledgeable in:

Opto-mechanical design, analytic simulation of mechanical systems.

Techniques Jose P. Puga Uses:

Structured brainstorming, simplified simulation, FEA, analytic modelling, 5-why's, research, etc.

Jose P. Puga's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Design for Manufacture
  2. Solidworks
  3. Mechanical Design
  4. Industrial systems
  5. Simulation
  6. Matlab
  7. Pro/engineer
  8. Design of Experiment
  9. Project management
  10. Hydraulic design

Jose P. Puga's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have designed small recirculation plants for aquaculture
  2. I did the opto-mechanical and electro-mechanical design for a complex spectrometer for sub-sea deployment in the Oil&Gas industry.
  3. I audited the MRP system for a product company, and improved their on time in full performance.
  4. I developed a simple technology based in magnetic saturation to measure thickness of steel wall.
  5. I improved a low cost consumable for home coffee appliances to create better coffee crema
  6. I successfully developed an analytic model for predicting the performance of a geophone based on optical fibre.