Problem Solver

Joseph Adebayo

Joseph Adebayo

Areas Joseph Adebayo is Knowledgeable in:

Lean Manufacturing; Business Process Reengineering

Techniques Joseph Adebayo Uses:

Poka Yoke; Eight Disciplines Problem Solving; 5Y.

Joseph Adebayo's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I Introduced JIT philosophy in a manufacturing facility reducing the labor component, reducing waste in any form and delivering a 25% rise in profitability.
    I Reduce service delivery times from 14 days to eight days, reduce work in process
    I Distilled practical reengineering experiences into a user friendly text book to help practitioners
    I Minimize machine downtime and changeovers/settings, no rework, eliminate scrap and non standard operations
    I Introduced Flexible Workforce (Shojinka) and Creative thinking (Soikufu) or capitalizing on workers suggestions