Patent Holder

Joseph Incavo

Patents listed below. 4 Trade Secrets also granted.

Joseph Incavo's patents:

US6733702 Tire mold and a method of rapidly depressurizing the mold, Incavo J, Ciesa J
US7407637 Oxygen scavenging material and use thereof for reducing oxygen content in air cavities of mounted tires,
US7674344 Pneumatic tire with depolymerized butyl rubber-based built-in sealant prepared with activated organoperoxide
US8156979 Tire with zoned built-in sealant layer, Incavo; J, Fuhrig T, Busch W, Marks P.
US8293049 Tire sealant and tire with sealant containing silica and balanced organoperoxide depolymerized butyl rubber,
US8430142 Environmentally resistant assembly containing an electronic device for use in a tir
US8534331 Tire containing layered composite of sealant and air permeation resistant film,
US8597449 Method for recovering uncured rubber and tire including reclaimed rubber,
US8617334 Method and apparatus for making a compartmentalized tire sealant strip
US6401524 Method of detecting steam expansion vessel leakage
US6330821 Curing bladder leak detection system for a tire press
US5627329 Determination of diffusion coefficient; Krishnan C, Qi, Incavo J, Reuter