Problem Solver

Joseph Jeffery

Areas Joseph Jeffery is Knowledgeable in:

Hybrid and machanical and electrical

Techniques Joseph Jeffery Uses:

every problem has a most probable unlikely and free thinking solution. By listing 1-13 as 1 likely 6 free thinking and up to 13 unlikely. This goes for any problem on anything- you will always lead your self down the most probable diagnosis path.

Joseph Jeffery's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Hybrids cars

Joseph Jeffery's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Example ,I had a fault today where a electrical fault was logged but after studying a wiring diagram and checking all possible courses if found the electrical sensor was working fine, after working out the sensor was only there to monitor the position of a inlet air flap I disconnected the vacuum operated feed and the same fault code appeared- so finding out that this was a vacuum related fault that was leading to a electrical fault code I then traced the vacuum system which has two vacuum pumps because it is on a Hybrid system, one machanical one electrical, I checked the history of repairs back to a coolant pump fault- this is vacuum operated- I found my conclusion and located the fault. The Coolant had got into the vac system and crystallised, this was lining all the vac pipes , when the pipes got hot and expand the partials blocked the pipes and also the machanical vac pump main feed was slightly blocked with partials . Replace all vac lines and vac pump - all ok.