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Julius Thomas

Julius Thomas
I am a freelance IT Contractor with over 9 years of experience working with multiple startup companies and business organizations in a variety of roles, ranging from website and graphics design (viz. Logo's, business cards, pamphlets & banners, etc.), to Data analysis/SEO and logistics, basic accounting, data entry, HR, Webmaster/Social Media maintenance, Software Testing/Reviewing & Marketing, Research, business planning and organization, etc.

As a very meticulous and fastidious contractor, I have a strong work ethic. I am a hard & methodical worker who aims not only to do work quickly and efficiently, but also to exceed expectations. I have leadership, organizational and teaching experience, and am very adaptable due to having a broad range of skills, enabling me to fill multiple roles while remaining flexible, focused and efficient. In addition to this, I seek to not only learn, work & teach, but also to research and discover novel concepts that can be expanded upon to ultimately aid the completion of given tasks.

Academically, I went to the University of Maryland while still in Secondary school, under the Gifted Students early admission program, majoring in Neurophysiology, and engaged in Brain Research afterwards while also working with a startup as a Contractor, where I operated in that capacity for over 7 years. Prior to this, I worked as a leader for youths and did both HR and Data Entry work at a General Hospital, as well as HTML summer classes at the local Community College. I worked with multiple startups over the years, ranging from Health startups, to Natural Aromatherapy businesses. I continued to do Web Design, Graphics Design, Webmaster/Maintenance, and Data Analysis/SEO. I am familiar with the use of Photoshop, the PrintShop, Gimp Image Editor, Blender, Scribus, Inkscape, Google Analytics/Webmaster Tools, etc. as well as a variety of Windows and Linux applications. I also became a partner and Marketer of Microsoft & Amazon products upon starting multiple business ventures of my own, the most recent of which is a beginning Cybersecurity firm. Currently I am returning to school to obtain a Masters Degree at the OU of the U.K. in Computing & IT, with a focus on Cybersecurity.


Julius Thomas's consultancy:

Alabaster Box LLC Startup