Kenneth Fax

Kenneth Fax's Training:

I have connecting, building, directing funding and helping companies grow to pre-ipo status.
I have experience planning, organizing anf managing top teams for scientific and technical trade shows such as Softbank, Hitachi, IBM - to name a few.

Moving forward, invrstors are contacting me directly for IP, Patents, etc.. to buy. It may also include helping scientists to gain employment, if interested.

In the past, my experience has been Meetup organizer for Techneprenuers, Outreach Coordinator, Semi-Annual Facilitator and Trade Show Manager for events and entities such as Stanford University, University of California, Hitachi. IBM Global Services, Exodus Communication, Bank of America, San Francisco Public Library - to name a few.

As a summary, this is what I remain constant working upon and faciilitating on a worldwide basis on-demand.

Kenneth Fax's Experience:

Planning, managing and sponsoring locations for facilitating small groups or major attendees. The small group have been 20 to 50 attendees. The larger groups are 300 to 1000 at singular events live, such as tradeshows.

Moving forward, I/we are seeking IOT companies to buy in 2019. We also seek to bring together scientist and investors, that mutually agree for rewarding collaborations.

Kenneth Fax's Experience with Online Groups:

The experience for facilitating a group online has been hosting, leading and advising online members. The groups have been developer groups, ivy league students, adult learners, entrepreneurs and corporate executives.

As of 04/22/2016, I am now been appointed as a committee member to invite, encourage and support innovative patent and business owners seeking funding and growth marketing.

I may be reached via http://LinkedIn.com/in/KennethFax