Problem Solver

Luca Bottazzi

Luca Bottazzi

Areas Luca Bottazzi is Knowledgeable in:

Utilities 2.0, Mobility 2.0, Governance 2.0, Smart Education, Smart City

Techniques Luca Bottazzi Uses:

Difficult to explain: developed at the university (with Department of Semiology) the method of Sherlock Holmes; similar to the Lateral Thinking approach.
1) analytical approach, with lateral thinking (with identification in the problems of the User)
2) development of the technological aspect (with in-depth technical skills) making the most of low-tech technology (on a human scale)

Luca Bottazzi's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. redefining product use contexts (today we limit ourselves to a linear product innovation)
  2. analyze problems in real causes (normally we limit ourselves to the surface)

Luca Bottazzi's Problem Solving Experience:

    - (general):
    Mobility 2.0:

    - Governance 2.0: