Problem Solver

Lucy Mongan

Areas Lucy Mongan is Knowledgeable in:

Legal work
Process improvements
Cultural focus and challenge
Driving efficiency
Change and change management
Operational Excellence in functional environments

Techniques Lucy Mongan Uses:

Six Sigma
Creative Problem Solving
Kaizen experience / Rapid problem solving
Mapping and analysis
Investigations - 5 whys, SIPOC, mapping, VoC etc

Lucy Mongan's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Six Sigma
  2. Lean
  3. Graduate Diploma in Law
  4. BSc Hons Genetics

Lucy Mongan's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Improving Legal services in a Large Utilities Firm
    July 2016 - June 2017
    Delivering Operational Excellence and Lean solutions within a Legal department. Responsible for strategic direction setting, Lean coaching and implementation and driving process improvement. Programme management and facilitation of just one project has delivered savings of over $4million.

    This project contained multiple work-streams and therefore required complex stakeholder and relationship management to gain buy in and support to enable delivery and success.
  2. Account Management
    Managing the businesses largest, extremely high value account, which included 60 coaches across multiple sites at its peak. This role included management aspects such as developing account infrastructure, resourcing, forecasting and tracking and reporting of KPIs.

    Business development responsibilities included client proposals, consultancy proposition design, stakeholder meetings and engagement surveys.
  3. Implementing a Kanban System in Exhaust manufacturing
    Jun 2013 – Jun 2013
    This project was the output of the Lean training received in academies and resulted in some positive steps towards achieving pull within a division of Unipart Manufacturing as well as some key personal development and learning for all team members involved.
  4. HR Process Improvement Project
    Jun 2013 – Jun 2013
    Project descriptionFull diagnostics and implementation of a new recruitment process within HR; reviewing and improving the end to end value stream releasing 30% of the central HR teams’ total time spent on recruitment.
  5. Development and coaching within a Financial organisation
    Aug 2013 – Aug 2013
    Project descriptionSupporting and coaching client practitioners in the roll out of a standard improvement solution delivering an overall skills uplift of 114% across the business alongside a £25 million profit increase. Developing end to end visibility and control of deals throughout each stage of the process and working alongside senior leaders to support project success within the business.
  6. Full diagnostics within a large healthcare organisation
    Jul 2013 – Jul 2013
    Project descriptionFull diagnostics covering three wards and adjoining functions within a large London hospital. Understanding and displaying the Value Stream and the potential opportunities for improvement, employee and patient engagement levels and interfaces within the complex care pathway. Responsibility for leading the quick win work stream, releasing a sustainable 70 hours a week for patient care through a strategic improvement approach.