Problem Solver

Luis Quesada

Luis Quesada

Areas Luis Quesada is Knowledgeable in:

Medicine, general surgery, health researching, medical education, medical literature, determinants of health, diabetes, obesity, environment, work place safety

Techniques Luis Quesada Uses:

I have used: Fish bone diagram, SWOT, problem solving check list, PDCA, among others

Luis Quesada's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Health administration, Quality control and quality improvement in health cares
  2. university teacher, medical doctor, general surgeon, health management, research in health sciences

Luis Quesada's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. As general director of a third level hospital, I developed the use of Electronic health records in the Out-patient clinics.
    -As General director of the student affair office in the " National University" of El Salvador, I developed an environment protection project within the campus.
    As general director of a new second level hospital, I was in charge of hiring human resources and purchasing medical equipment in order to start its functions in a proper way.
    As university teacher, I contribute in elaborate the pen sum for medical students, within the field of general surgery, at undergraduate and and graduate levels.
    As general director of a third level hospital I develop a successful program for selling services to different sectors of society