Problem Solver

Adeel Javaid

Adeel Javaid

Areas Adeel Javaid is Knowledgeable in:

Finance, Big Data Analytics, Process Improvement and Root Cause Analysis, Project Management, Mathematical Modelling, Statistical Analysis, Artificial Intelligence.

Techniques Adeel Javaid Uses:

Normally I study problem and use Literature Review for building up a strong novel approach and statistical methods to prove and justify the approach.

Adeel Javaid's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Project Management, Financial Analysis, Six Sigma, Big Data, Blockchain, Mathematical Modelling, Root Cause Analysis
  2. Cyber Security, Human Psychlogy, Risk Management, Kaizen, Media Relations, Marketing, Quant Analysis, Social Problem Solver

Adeel Javaid's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Business Challenge:

    One of my clients, a leading global player in telecoms markets, wanted to validate the opportunity for bringing a series of new propositions to the SME market. These concepts were based around the incorporation of cloud-based office productivity solutions with conventional mobile, fixed line and data packages. They wished to explore opportunities for these new offers across 5 European geographies.

    What I Did:

    I performed initial validation of the concept through a series of online focus groups, face-to-face focus groups and telephone depth interviews. I also focused on defining the precise form that the offer was to take in terms of optimal product bundling and setting appropriate pricing. I used conjoint research methodology to model and simulate different market scenarios to aid go-to-market planning.

    Client successfully launched a series of new business productivity and connectivity offers based directly on my research findings.
  2. I am an expert of data mining & visulization tools like R, SQL, Tableau, Qlikview, SAS, Cognos & IBM Watson Analytics. I can comfortably import data from all kind of databases and can analyze complex data sets using Excel and other data analytics tools. In the past I have done predictive and propensity data analysis projects & can share my projects if so required.
  3. I have substantial experience in leading onsite project teams for donor funded projects and have successfully transitioned and completed various PM components including project compliance and risk management. In my various professional roles I have actively been involved in managing different complex projects involving complex reporting requirements and compliance with local and donor regulations. I have previously worked on projects in education, health and engineering sectors including project for implementing pilot programme for combating malaria.