Problem Solver

Muhammad bin Usman

Areas Muhammad bin Usman is Knowledgeable in:

Space is my love. Sir i have a wonderful knowledge about anything ( Space, Science, religious, Warriors, humans thinkings and emotions) Astrology like Sir Stephen Hawking. Sir i want to aware the world about space and world is nearly to be ended. Sir its my first request just give me one chance i want to meet u . Sir trust this show will be very popular. I have a wonderful knowledge of every every thing. Sir i also want to unite the world. World is nearly to ended. Sir you want to help me. I am now studying in Government college university Faisalabad. Sir i choose Economics subject beacuse i want to understand the systems of society and money. Beacuse i have too much knowledge of Astrology the knowledge of everything. Sir please contact me one time. Sir i also have a deep knowledge of Aliens they are exist. And i will explain on your channel . And how humans emotions work. Why a girl like pink and boy choose blue colour? Like these questions i am able to answer the any question. Why a girl feeling pleasure to tell them sensitive and boys feel pleasure to tell them strong. So, give me one chance just Sir. A story of Earth. The story of pyramid of Egypt.

Techniques Muhammad bin Usman Uses:

I have a lot of skills. I will solve any problem. Just give me the task. I think the best thing to solve any problem is the knowledge about that problem.

Muhammad bin Usman's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I have a lot of knowledge about astrology and now i am doing my bachelors degree from university. I will solve any problem.

Muhammad bin Usman's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. While living in a world, which is full of difficulties, I am writing to tell the problems of this world. According to me, world is going to be destroyed, if the current circumstances don’t change positively. Now I will tell you, that what will happened in this world in next five years, and what impact of those global events will appeared on my country Pakistan. That time is so near when wars will be occurred in the world due to deficiency of resources.
  2. I am a person who has leadership qualities. According to me a good leader is that who cares for the interests of other people rather than of his personal interests. I always want to fulfill the wishes of other people. First of all every person wants to fulfill the requirements of his parents, in this way many problems will be solved. In this way the some percentage of poverty will be reduce. Self-interest is an emotion, if it would be wipeout from the emotions of world’s leaders, then no doubt, every country will be prosperous, developed and marching towards progress. Emotions are the biggest week point of a leader, a good leader who know that how to control his emotions. Lesson which give us different religions, to controlling our emotions through using the great power of belief. The current problems of the world frightened me to take first step to solve the issues of world. So I started from my class in university. .