Problem Solver

Muhammad Wajid Ullah

Areas Muhammad Wajid Ullah is Knowledgeable in:

Agriculture, Biotechnology, Science, Biology, Education

Techniques Muhammad Wajid Ullah Uses:

 DNA/RNA Extraction (Plant and Animal tissues), Purification, Quantification, Preservation and Amplification (Molecular Cloning)
 Molecular Screening of DNA/genes
 Practiced on Immunological Techniques
 Practiced on Microbial Culturing Techniques
 Practiced on Tissue Culturing Techniques
 Sterilization Techniques
 Separation, Purification and Chromatographic techniques

Muhammad Wajid Ullah's Problem Solving Skills:

  1.  Internet/Email (Advance)

Muhammad Wajid Ullah's Problem Solving Experience:

  1.  One year research experience: Worked in Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Tissue Culture and General Biology Laboratory
     Worked as Research Associate at CIIT Abbottabad (March-October 2011)
    o Responsibilities: Field and lab experiments on wheat, Purchase and management of chemicals, consumables and equipments, , Supervision of daily paid workers, Compilation of progress reports, Lab maintenance and demonstration and Supervision of junior researchers
     Delivered lectures to undergraduate students on laboratory techniques, precautions and applications etc
     Designed practicals for Biotechnology, Environmental Science and Pharmacy students
     Occupied the designation Project Coordinator, Student Affair Incharge and Student Member in Biotech Science Circle (BSC), a student’s scientific society at Undergraduate level