Problem Solver

Natalija Zlatkova

Areas Natalija Zlatkova is Knowledgeable in:

machine learning, python, microcontrollers, programming(c,c++,java, matlab), control

Natalija Zlatkova's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. microcontrollers: raspberry pi, arduino
  2. programming : c, c++, java, matlab
  3. machine learning, python, tensorflow
  4. industrial: plc, ladder logic
  5. operating systems: windows, ubuntu, robot operating system, contiki

Natalija Zlatkova's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Aerospace: Airbus & Ariane Group Sloshing Rocket Competition – Selected between the top 5 teams; had to solve the sloshing behaviour of a liquid in the tanks of the rockets
    Smart Supermarket – Smart Shopping System using RFIDs; autonomous products’ calculation for every customer; developed a program in contiki
    Prototype for emotions’ recognition of passengers – included video camera, a microphone and a heartbeat sensor; discover emotional state of passengers using raspberry pi
    Smart greenhouse project – Implementation of smart control and monitoring system for a greenhouse; control of temperature, humidity, light, soil moisture; detection of intruders; detection of smoke; Internet of Things project
    Machine learning: Convolutional neural network for medical imaging analysis project – Abnormality detection in mammography
    Highly experienced in programming with a lot of real projects behind. The above mentioned are only part of the projects