Problem Solver

Nikolaos Grigoriadis

Areas Nikolaos Grigoriadis is Knowledgeable in:

CAD-CAM-FEA automation
Product Design
Laser Scanning
PDM solutions
Production Lines
Mold Design
CNC design and manufacturing (Laser Milling 3D printing etc)

Techniques Nikolaos Grigoriadis Uses:

Applying Strategic thinking, conducting market research, benchmarking of the competition, considering of Ergonomic and anthropometric factors, proper material selection for specific production method depending on the number of parts and the existed production machinery limitations are some of the tools used to Design For Manufacture.

Nikolaos Grigoriadis's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I designed a coffee machine incorporating the design identity of the company. This design was awarded by HIPO (Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation) and exhibited in the GD=GD design exhibition
  2. I developed a niche production line for the textile industry. This production line was part of the industry automate process. The production line consists of an automatic textile roll feeder,a 13m long and 2m wide servobelt, a CO2 laser cutting station with air curtains and fume suction system and an automatic washing system for the conveyor.
  3. I designed and manufactured an Inkjet printer and a laser annealing station for organic electronics. This printer and laser modules was part of a larger roll to roll pilot line for organic electronics production.
  4. I developed a parametric model of the ilizarov external bone fixator using different materials and kirschner wire diameters in order to study the trampoline effect that occurs during dead weight load of the tibia. For this study the tibia was captured by CT scans and modeled in order to be included in the FEA model. The study was published in ICEM International conference in Thessaloniki in 2014.
  5. I developed a several parametric assemblies in order to reduce the design time needed for niche marketed products in the elevator industry. This products where Semiautomatic doors, automatic folding doors and side and central opening automatic doors. This way the design time of niche market products was reduced dramatically.
  6. I designed in 3D CAD software a complete panoramic elevator with a moving last floor for the sales department in order to propose a solution and quote for the Moscow Commercial center. The proposal included an animation of the elevator explaining how it was going to perform.
  7. I set up and maintained PDM software in the elevator industry giving the possibility to the industry to maintain versions of the old 3D drawings and link this way the production and R&D department.
  8. I was responsible for the FEA modelling and studies in the elevator industry. With the use of FEA software we were able to reduce the material usage up to 40% in various large volume parts. The parametric FEA software is used for any new design or redesign of the company's products.
  9. I developed a modular elevator cabin production method in order to overcome delays from the production machinery in urgent situations.
  10. I developed an semi automated design method using external custom software to control 3D CAD parametric files for elevator cabin design.
    The elevator cabin parameters where entered to the software by an online order form and the user was able to design and produce all the necessary CAM programs and documentation for the production line in 15 minutes.
  11. I developed a full series of elevator automatic doors using modular mechanical parts in order to reduce the production codes needed to achieve different clear openings for the doors. The electronic parts where used for all the door family. This family consists folding doors, 2,4,6,8 panel central opening doors and 2,3,4 panel side opening doors.
  12. I developed a full series of elevator doors with common modular door frames reducing this way the packaging volume and made them easy to be moved to the construction floors because of the low volume and weight
  13. I designed a pedometer and a sheep milking measuring for the agricultural industry.
  14. I developed a production line for printing, Corona treating, coating, cutting, packing and bagging PET film for blood analisys.
  15. I designed and developed a fully automated electrophoresis machine for blood analysis.